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CRestoring The Christian Soul:Overcoming Barriers To Completion In Christ Through Healing Prayer-Paperback-Used - Click To Enlarge
Restoring The Christian Soul:Overcoming Barriers To Completion In Christ Through Healing Prayer-Paperback-Used
Leanne Payne - (SKU#: NM40821)

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In this award-winning book, Leanne Payne reveals  how to overcome the three great barriers that keep us from becoming whole persons: inability to receive God's forgiveness, inability to forgive others, and inability to accept ourselves.


This book is a classic of Christian psychology and spiritual theology, one of a series of classics from this author. It is drawn from extensive research in the best spiritual writers, but it is also deeply enriched by practical experience in the ministry of healing. Mrs. Payne enables the reader to discern the psychological roots of spiritual problems and the spiritual origins of neurosis. Her treatment of spiritual warfare is gripping and fascinating and also critically corrective of the excesses in this area. - Richard Lovelace, author of Dynamics of Spiritual Life

A balanced blend of scriptural truth, sound theology, and therapeutic insight- made unusually clear by relevant illustrations. A must for all, both layperson and professional, who believe in the efficacy of prayer and the healing of memories. - David Seamands, author of Healing for Damaged Emotions

A Christ-centered book that points to our Lord in a way that is at once biblical and refreshing. This is an important book for everyone in ministry and should be required reading for seminarians, pastors, counselors, and Christian educators. - Lyle Dorsett, Professor of Educational Ministries and Evangelism, Wheaton College

A masterful book that helps Christian leaders establish the cross firmly in all aspects of their lives and ministries. - Andrew Comiskey, Director of Desert Stream Ministries

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